As humans extend their quest for knowledge deeper into the Solar System and beyond, there will be a need for probes that last much longer than previously planned missions. A study for an Interstellar Probe to reach well beyond the boundary of the heliosphere is an opportunity to investigate the challenges of such long duration missions. The panelists for this sessions are key leaders of a NASA study to determine the feasibility of a mission into the Very Local Interstellar Medium requiring 50 years to complete. The historical background for such a mission, its scientific goals, a review of the spacecraft conceptual design, and the challenges of operating such a mission for 50 years will be discussed.

Session Lead(s):

Pontus Brandt - Panelist - JHUAPL
Glen Fountain - Panelist - JHUAPL
Jim Kinnison - Panelist - JHUAPL
Ralph McNutt - Panelist - JHUAPL
Clayton Smith - Moderator - JHUAPL