This panel will feature discussions focused on developmental and operational testing (DT/OT) and the in-space developmental test (iSDT) persistent platform concept used to accelerate the deployment of innovative, pervasive, and game-changing systems and technologies with applications to programs of record and/or commercialization opportunities.

Session Lead(s):

Christopher Bill - Panelist - USSF SMC/ZAD
William Doggett - Panelist - NASA-Langley Research Center
John Dorsey - Panelist - NASA-Langley Research Center
Roberta Ewart - Moderator - Space and Missile Systems Center
Jim Horejsi - Panelist - SMC/ZAE
Talbot Jaeger - Panelist - NovaWurks
Kevin O'Connell - Panelist - US Department of Commerce
Elozor Plotke - Chair - USSF SMC/ZAD