This session will serve as a venue for considering innovative relevant technologies or solutions of interest to SMC. The goal of this session is to promote industry partnerships that will ultimately benefit the SMC Portfolio Architect's Space Enterprise level objectives for meeting future needs. SMC is looking for industry feedback on how a company's current or future technology work might meet SMC's technology challenges. For this discussion, the challenge focus area is Space Safety, which includes developing technology that protects US, Allied or commercial space assets in flight from man-made unintentional threats (debris, RFI, launch, etc.). The panelists will explore ideas on debris mitigation and removal, debris impact survival, resiliency-promoting technologies, self-healing satellites, proximity and rendezvous controls, inspection and diagnosis, assured deorbit and closeout, and norms of behavior.

Session Lead(s):

Bill Ailor - Panelist - The Aerospace Corporation
Dave Barnhart - Panelist - University of Southern California
Joseph Betser - Chair - The Aerospace Corporation
Roberta Ewart - Organizer - Space and Missile Systems Center
Karl Kensinger - Panelist - FCC
Oscar King - Chair - A2 Systems Inc
Jer Chyi Liou - Panelist - NASA