DEBATE-01 What Is the Path to LEO Commercialization by 2025?

2:00 PM–4:00 PM Nov 16, 2020 (America - New York)

In the past decade, the International Space Station has transitioned from humanity’s greatest engineering marvel to an incubator for new, innovative business models that focus on changing how we utilize space. From space manufacturing, CubeSats and more these commercially-owned facilities and platforms offer newer capabilities for government and commercial customers.

While this rapidly evolving innovation ecosystem on the ISS looks promising, NASA looks to transition from being the anchor tenant and customer for these commercial capabilities, within the next few years, which means these commercial companies will need to scale demand from adjacent markets and new users to sustain their endeavors. So how will they do it? Join us for an engaging session as commercial space leaders debate the future of LEO commercialization, the impact of NASA’s LEO Commercialization plans, and which business models offer the most sustainable path to scaling demand.

Session Lead(s):

Mary Lynne Dittmar - Moderator - Coalition for Deep Space Exploration
Austin Jordan - Organizer - Made In Space, Inc.
Justin Kugler - Organizer - Made In Space, Inc.
Jeff Manber - Panelist - Nanoracks
Andrew Rush - Panelist - Redwire
Tom Shelley - Panelist - Space Adventures