Discussion Panel

PANEL-05 Building an Integrated Intelligent Pathway to the Planets

12:00 PM–2:00 PM Nov 16, 2020 (America - New York)

As humanity once again pushes outward to explore the Moon and prepares to move beyond to Mars and further destinations, key elements are necessary to build the smart infrastructure required for a sustained human presence beyond LEO. This panel features experts in key elements of this infrastructure including In-Space Refueling, Self-Healing Structures, Additive Manufacturing, In-Situ Resource Utilization, Space Power Systems, and Intelligent Asset Management. Panelists will discuss the latest advancements in each of these areas, while also exploring methods for the management of these assets in an integrated, intelligent manner, considering lessons learned from similar Earth-based, IoT applications.

Session Lead(s):

Joseph Anderson - Panelist - Northrop Grumman Corporation
Paul Jaffe - Panelist - U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Justin Kugler - Panelist - Made In Space, Inc.
Peter Montgomery - Moderator - Jacobs Critical Mission Solutions
Robert Poche - Panelist - Jacobs
Brent Robertson - Panelist - NASA GSFC
Michelle Rucker - Panelist - NASA/JSC
Emilie Siochi - Panelist - NASA LRC