NASA recently provided seed money for seven proposals to enable enterprising companies to mature their concepts and stimulate demand to develop their future markets. The awards are a key element of NASA’s five- point plan to enable development of a robust economy in low-Earth orbit (LEO) in which NASA will become one of many customers. NASA made the awards to help the selected companies raise the technological readiness level of their products and move them to market, to propel U.S. industry toward the development of a sustainable, scalable, and profitable non-NASA demand for services and products in low-Earth orbit. The three projects focused on biomedical application development that recently received funding will be discussed. Details of the initiatives will be provided in a lightning talk format from the leads from each of the three participating institutions, followed by a moderated discussion and Q&A period.

Session Lead(s):

Catriona Jamieson - Panelist - UC San Diego/Sanford Consortium
Alexander MacDonald - Moderator - NASA Chief Economist
Cindy Martin-Brennan - Moderator - Space Tango
Dhruv Sareen - Panelist - Cedars-Sinai
Jana Stoudemire - Panelist - Space Tango
Clive Svendsen - Panelist - Cedars-Sinai
Nicole Wagner - Panelist - LambdaVision, Inc.