Macro Session

MACRO-02 Space Exploration and Settlement

10:00 AM–11:00 AM Nov 17, 2020 (America - New York)

Exploring Earth, the Moon, Mars or anywhere else in the solar system will require the combined efforts of commercial industry, government, and academia. Establishing permanent human settlements on the Moon and Mars will require capturing and building on lessons from a host of disciplines. Beyond the infrastructure and technologies that will be needed, what terrestrial technologies, like construction, telecommunications and mining, may be profitably advanced for use in space? How will we coordinate strategic space investments across government agencies? What other benefits for humankind lie in space exploration and in establishing a permanent off-world civilization? Join us as we consider the opportunities and challenges that we face as the world takes steps into its off-world future.

James F. “Jim” Bridenstine, NASA Administrator
Kathryn Lueders, NASA Human Exploration and Operations Directorate
Andy Weir, Author