Meta Session

META-12 Space Structures at Scale

1:00 PM–2:00 PM Nov 17, 2020 (America - New York)

As LEO commercialization moves from cautious early entrants to a burgeoning global effort, we’ll need space structures built at scale–for government labs, academic research, industry R&D, and space tourism. These structures will need all the considerations of resource-constrained habitats on Earth (power generation and construction optimization, sustainable and closed-loop life support, interior space allocation, user-centric design, and more), while also relying on the rigors of aerospace engineering to survive in the unique challenges of the space environment. Listen to the leading minds in construction at mega-scale, to the architects, urban planners, and space engineers who will finally realize humanity’s centuries-old ambition of living in space habitats amongst the stars.

Session Lead(s):

Michael Costas - Panelist - Bechtel
Ariel Ekblaw - Moderator - MIT Media Lab
Thomas Heatherwick - Panelist - Heatherwick Studios
Lara Kearney - Panelist - NASA Johnson Space Center
Christian Maender - Panelist - Axiom Space
Andrew Rush - Panelist - Made in Space/Redwire