Meta Session

META-11 Future of Space Medicine

11:00 AM–12:00 PM Nov 17, 2020 (America - New York)


With human spaceflight expanding into the epoch of exploration-class missions, the way in which we go about training our astronauts and crew medical officers needs to evolve accordingly -- as do the medical capabilities, technologies and infrastructures associated with long-duration missions to distant locales. How does space medicine need to adapt, and how do we build medical infrastructure for long-duration missions? From existing to emerging to pie-in-the-sky technologies, what medical capabilities should a long-duration mission to the Moon, Mars or beyond include? How can space agencies support new medical paradigms? How do remote communities on Earth stand to benefit from innovations for space? Join our panelists as we talk all about the future of space medicine – from the here-and-now to “science fiction” type ideas waiting to become reality.

Session Participants:

Shawna Pandya - Moderator - Project PoSSUM Astronaut Candidate

Dava Newman - Panelist - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bonnie Posselt - Panelist - RAF/AFRL

David Saint-Jacques - Panelist - Canadian Space Agency Astronaut

Michael Barratt - Panelist - NASA Astronaut