WRKSHP-14 Sustainable Lunar Presence: Infrastructure to Stay

3:00 PM–6:00 PM Nov 17, 2020 (America - New York)

This workshop will focus on gathering a group of cross-disciplinary subject matter experts in order to brainstorm and define the necessary infrastructure needed for a sustainable human lunar presence in the context of environmentally appropriate architectural design and civil engineering robotic construction using locally available resources on the lunar surface. Emerging technologies and new materials are opening up new possibilities and economic opportunities. A short-term presence can ignore infrastructure, but a long-term presence must consider the infrastructure needs in order to provide for all stakeholder needs. The terrestrial construction and mining communities are well versed in running mega-projects for multi-billion-dollar Earth based infrastructure such as power plants, city development, mines, transportation networks and more, with commercial motivation and positive cash flow outcomes.

Section 1 will be presentations and discussion for setting the framework and context of the workshop with infrastructure categories defined.

Section 2 will involve an interactive exercise where participants will discuss and vote on the most relevant needs for "lunar infrastructure to stay" topics.

Section 3 will be breakout sessions for each infrastructure topic. Each breakout team will define the questions and information needed to develop objectives for such infrastructure. The final 30 minutes will involve each breakout team reporting out.

The session organizers will compile the breakout report into a final report to AIAA ASCEND and relevant AIAA Technical Committees (TC).

Session Lead(s):

Nathan Gelino - Organizer - NASA Kennedy Space Center
Robert Moses - Chair - NASA-Langley Research Center
Robert Mueller - Chair - NASA-Kennedy Space Center
Clive Neal - Organizer - University of Notre Dame