Representatives from NASA are ready to answer your questions about the agency's plans to return to the Moon. The session will feature five NASA panelists responding to audience-driven questions about the agency's lunar exploration program, Artemis, including Exploration Ground Systems, Orion, Space Launch System, Gateway, Human Landing System, Suits and EVAs, and Surface Science. Using the Conference IO platform, attendees can submit and upvote questions for consideration both prior to the session and during the session so the NASA participants can discuss the topics and ideas most on the minds of the audience. Rather than merely providing informational program updates, the goal of this session is to engage the audience by answering the questions most on their minds about NASA's -- and humanity's -- return to the Moon through the Artemis program.

Session Lead(s):

Brian Alpert - Panelist - NASA JSC
Jacob Bleacher - Panelist - NASA Headquarters
Greg Chavers - Panelist - NASA MSFC
Sharon Cobb - Panelist - NASA MSFC
Lara Kearney - Panelist - NASA Johnson Space Center
Laura Means