While NASA's plans and strategies for human exploration can evolve and change with the political winds, one of the elements of each mission scenario remains the same – humans will need a place to live and thrive wherever they explore. This common thread across exploration architectures has allowed NASA and its partners (commercial, international, and academic) to refine the design of habitats, space suits, and risk mitigation approaches to ensure that crews will be happy, healthy, and productive while living in deep space. This panel will be made up of experts from across NASA that will describe the complexities of designing these systems and strategies as well as current plans.

Session Lead(s):

Lindsay Aitchison - Panelist - NASA - JSC
Ben Easter - Panelist - NASA JSC
Ginger Flores - Moderator - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Ginger Flores - Panelist - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Nicole Herrmann - Organizer - NASA Headquarters
Dwight Mosby - Panelist - NASA MSFC