Success in upcoming exploration-class missions will require sustained high performance among crew beyond LEO. This session focuses on a characterization of the expeditionary environment and explores training protocols and technologies that have the potential to increase performance metrics and reduce the need for reliance on exogenous countermeasures to health and performance. In particular, the state-of-the-research will be explored in areas of expeditionary biomarkers and resilience, subjective training in brain-computer interfaces, and the development of training paradigms that integrate key areas of performance traits. We especially explore neurofeedback-supported awareness discipline and the potential for its integration with expeditionary experience to bolster innate resilience. As such, these techniques address specific risks in the Human Factors and Behavioral Performance element. This session explores these methods for the cultivation of human innate resilience, with the goal of providing a robust, self-sustaining, autonomous, and internally-derived high performance crew environment.

Session Lead(s):

Brett Bennett - Moderator - Association of Spaceflight Professionals
Mallika Sarma - Panelist - Johns Hopkins Medicine
James Stieger - Panelist - Carnegie Mellon University

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